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Hi, I’m Evelyse Eerola, a graduate teacher in Brazil who has been working in Finland for almost ten years. My passion and curiosity for Finnish teaching methodology meant that, from the beginning, I started to study the Finnish educational system and how it could be adapted to the reality of another country.

My goal has been to contribute to the discussion of the Finnish educational model system since 2012 through lectures, workshops and consultancies.

The basis of my work is my experience as a teacher both in Brazil and in Finland. The experience and practice in the classroom is what provides a vision capable of analyzing and executing objective actions in relation to the applicability in other contexts and what the world can learn from education in Finland.

In Finland I have been teaching and participating in projects in several contexts. One of my specialties has been studying and work with the design of the Finnish National Core Curriculum.



Lectures about the Finnish educational systems for
teachers visiting Helsinki.
The lecture comprises the main aspects of education
system adopted in Finland.
The society, the universal basic education, the culture
of teaching, the teachers, the National Core Curriculum
and other pedagogic aspects.


The workshop is the possibility for visiting
teachers to understand better the information
received during the visit in Finland. The work
it is fully collaborative between the facilitator
and the participants. On this occasion, we analyzed
the reality of the schools and the main wishes of the
participants. It is at this time that we transform information
in possible action and, through the inspiration of the
educational Finnish system, we are able to insert promises
of applicability that educators will take home.

Participants will carry in their suitcase an action plan
and a certificate of participation.

The program offers a workshop with a standard
design, however, the group can add points of interest.
The workload is also according to the needs of the group.


In our channel on YouTube, webEduca-ProjetoFinlândia, you can
follow my work through the informative videos that are
posted. Videos of subjects related to the education
in Finland and my participation in seminars, webinars and
lives with Brazil, Finland and other countries.
The most recent videos have the subtitles in English.


Consultancy for schools and teachers are offered in
different ways and on different subjects:

  • Finnish National Core Curriculum
  • Curriculum design
  • Early childhood education
  • Basic education
  • Blended teaching
  • Participatory and collaborative teaching and learning
  • Online teaching

Other subjects


In Brazil: Experience with early childhood education,
basic education and vocational teaching. I worked as
a teacher in public schools and as a pedagogical

In Finland: I worked in public schools in Espoo and
Helsinki as a pedagogical assistant for children
with cognitive difficulties and substitute teacher.
Teacher in early childhood education institutions,
in Finnish and English. Primary teacher. Portuguese
teacher for children, adults and companies.

Current: Educator at the European School in Helsinki,
responsible for Portuguese language department –
language and literature.
Also I work as a pedagogical consultant and lecturer
at the company GeoLanguage Education Oy and the
APPF Association. Pedagogical Consultancy about the
Finnish Education System.

Languages: English, Finnish, Portuguese and Spanish

Previous Formal Education


  • Lectures
  • workshops
  • seminars
  • consultancy
  • training in general

Certificate of participation


Plan a study visit to Helsinki where you and your colleagues have the opportunity to get to know Finnish schools and learn about the education system.

Together, with our partnerships we can design a special trip for your group.

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