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This project has existed since 2012 and started in Portuguese because it was addressed to Brazilians. Afterwards, it grew to other Portuguese-speaking countries and the interest of other countries was also increasing. It is not easy to find experts in the Finnish educational system who have had experience in other educational contexts.

The idea of this site is to provide information about society and education in Finland. This is the first step in understanding the educational model. The second step is to design a practical application plan in the reality of your country and your school. If you are interested we can help you!

Most of our articles are in Portuguese but you can find some information in English as well. The most recent videos on our YouTube channel already contain English subtitles.

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New Video!!

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Special education was forced to
continue online when schools were
closed last year and this year.
Fortunately, these students were
already used to working online at
the school and several specific
learning tools for this teaching
category were already known.
Even so, the impact of being
online was huge for teachers
and students of special education.
In this video, we look at this impact
in general.

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